The Barn Raceway

Racing at The Barn Raceway is meant to be fun! It’s also meant to be enjoyed by the entire family. We will strictly enforce our “attitude” rules. Our drivers have voted on a $5.00 “guilty” penalty for the upcoming winter season. If you shout out from the podium, address a turn marshall or competitor in a less than respectful manner, etc. – you will incur a $5 “fine” that will go toward the drivers point fund and/or future special events prizes. If you incur a fine, you will not be permitted to compete again until your fine has been paid. Although this is meant to be a lighthearted way of addressing the problem, we will take it very seriously. We expect our racers to treat others with respect and remember that our track is meant for one thing – fun! We appreciate our racers volunteering this rule as a means to make a positive outcome from a broken rule.
-No reverse in any class other than the novice class. The penalty for reverse is one lap from your current race and a stop and go penalty for your next race. If you have a problem with remembering not to use reverse – program it out of your ESC! - Any tire additives that are used must be wiped clean from the tires before any races or practice sessions. -All racers are responsible for turn marshalling the race following their own. If you are physically or otherwise unable to turn marshall – it is STILL your responsibility to find someone to fill your position. Races will begin at no longer than 2:30 intervals if you are not in position to turn marshall the following race, you will be assessed a stop and go penalty in the following round. You will also be deducted one lap in your next race. - Turn marshals may not work on or repair cars during a race. Turn marshalls must be 16 years of age or have been approved by the race director. Prior experience for those under the age limit will be considered. - All cars must be made available before and after races for tech inspections. Once a car has gone through tech before the race it must go directly to the track and not to pit area. Any time that your car is deemed illegal in tech, you will be moved to the last qualifying position for the following round. If you are found illegal during the rounds of mains, you will be scored last in your respective class. You may not continue to race until your car has been passed by tech. - Cars must enter and exit in designated areas of the track only (turns 1 and 4). -The race tone will sound at no longer than 2:30 following the previous race. If your car is not in position on the race track at the 2:20 mark, your car will forfeit for that round. Race directors will have ultimate authority over rules enforcement. The primary basis for any rules decision must be based on what will be best for the majority of racers. If an item is not addressed in the rules listed here then you should assume it is not legal.
4 cars are required to run a class.  Classes with less than full fields may race a limited schedule.

The RC Dirt Oval scene is an ever changing dynamic.   We welcome changes, but also realize that there needs to be a reasonable progression for allowing/adopting new rules, new products, etc. into our racing program.  New rules are typically announced months in advance of them taking effect.  Similarly, new chassis kits/conversions, newly unveiled products, etc. are welcome at our track.  As a general rule, we adopt all products as "legal" once they have been in production and available to the general public for two months or more.  This allows everyone an equal opportunity to compete with those new products.

Rules Updated 9/1/2018

Any Adjustment/New Rules Listed In Red

7.6 Lipo Batteries are now permissible in the Outlaw Sprint and SC Open Outlaw Class Only.

Any Racer found charging batteries above 8.44v will be asked to leave the track and will be banned for one month.  Second offenses are subject to permanent banning. 

Summer Outdoor Class Rules:


Outlaw Sprints


Any 1:10 scale electric sprint.  Cars can be purpose built kits or conversion kits , DODC rules also apply . 

Battery: 2 cell HARD CASE LIPO 
7.4 volts or 7.6 volts 

Motor /ESC : DODC Modified motor rules apply -2 pole motors only, any ESC is Allowed in any mode.

WINGS : 7x7 or 6x6 for top wing 

Front wing no bigger then 4.5x3 


Rubber street tread only.  Proline, DE, Duratrax, for example.  Buggy style tires.  Additional tires may be added to the list based on availability.

Short Course Open/Outlaw
Chassis: Any commercially available 2wd SC based truck. Rear or mid motor chassis. Chassis must be SC truck based or SC truck based conversion.  Offset chassis are permissible.  Offset guidelines/specs will follow Chili Bowl specs.  Purpose built complete cars are not permissible.  Batteries must be located in the center of the driveline. If you aren't sure - ask BEFORE you buy.

Purpose built/manufactured cars for the class will be legal beginning in the summer '19 season.  GFRP Prodigy, for example, will be permissible.

Motor/ESC: Open motor/ESC 

Battery: 2s 7.4 lipo,
7.6 Lipo or 7.2 NiMh, hard case batteries only

Bodies: Dirt Modified Bodies required. Must be open wheel style body, rendered similarly to 1:1 scale dirt modified bodies. If a body were scaled to 1:1 and couldn't pass tech at a dirt track, it likely would not pass tech at the RC level.  Final decision of body tech is at the discretion of the race directors.  We will allow a grace period for anyone without a mod body. Late Model or stock truck bodies temporarily permitted for weekly shows, but are not permissible for money races, special promo events, etc.
All cars must be clearly marked with a car number

Tires: Open Rubber Street Tread Tire Rule. Short Course based/sized tires/wheels only. We will allow nothing that is aggressive to the track surface. This is at the discretion of track directors. If you are unsure if a tire is a "street tread" tire - do not purchase it. Slicks/Primes are also legal, as they will not affect track surface. "Mud Tires", for example, are not legal. Foam tires are not legal for the SC mod class. 1/8 scale rubber tires are not legal. Cutting/Siping of tires is not legal. The tread must be the mass produced tread for the model of your tire.


Sportsman SC
Chassis : Chassis must be a stock mass produced chassis (Associated, Traxxas, Losi, etc). Rear motor only. No lefty or purpose built chassis. Only options allowed are option parts produced by the original manufacturer (IE Associated, Traxxas, Losi, ect. part number) and
RPM plastic parts used for durabilty and for its intended purpose. No adjustable rear arms, lowered shock towers, LCG, swaybars etc. The Traxxas slash blue LCG chassis is legal.

Shocks: Original or Brand manufactured Option shocks allowed but must be used in its originally intended configuration. IE- no front shocks on the rear etc. Limiting of the shocks with internal limiters is OK. Proline racing shocks are legal

Wheels and Tires: Rules will follow the SC Open class tire rule.

Motors: 13.5 turn or 3500KV max limits. 2 or 4 pole

ESC: R.O.A.R approved Blinky Mode ESC only

Battery Location: Must be run in the original designed configuration.

BATTERY: 2 Cell HARD CASE 7.4 Lipos only. Charged to max 8.44v batteries not to be heated or hot


We will allow stock truck bodies, SC Mod Bodies, and the Parma Muscle series street stock style bodies to compete in this class. The idea of being inclusive rather than exclusive matters to us - we want to be sure that anyone with an SC based race car has an opportunity to race.



Our indoor season SC Modified classes will run with the same rules as our outdoor rules.


1:5 Scale LM


1-1 Must be 1/5 production based 2 WD 5B buggy chassis.
1-2 No shortened, extended,offset or flat (Front kick up) style.
1-3 All parts must be stock or after market stock style Baja upgrades ( durability only)
1-4 Any and all parts must be flush or in side the tread width. 1/8 tolerance.
1-5 All chassis and tires must remain inside the body.
1-6 No metal or carbon fiber front bumpers.
1-7 Wheel extenders allowed
1-8 Adjustable front and rear shock towers allowed.
All parts must be available to the public from a
Store front/Track hobby shop or on line STORE!

No home made chassis or suspension parts of any kind!

2-1 Size: 23cc to 30.5cc max
2-2 No reed, piston port only
2-3 Stock style/size flywheel
2-4 Exhaust: Outdoor tracks (track option).
2-5 Indoors tracks must run can, silencer is track option
2-6 Fuel: Gas only!

3-1 Max over all length 48"  
3-2 Max width where deck and A post meet and where
rear quarter panel and deck meet 20"
3-3 Max width at front flopper's widest point 26"
3-4 Must have the Woo/Lucas appearance ( No wedge style)
3-5 Decking is allowed
3-6 Only holes allowed in deck are for Spark plug
3-7 There will be no metal body parts of any kind. Roll cage can be metal.
3-8 No part of the deck can be higher than 12" from ground to bottom side.

Rear Spoiler Specs
4-1 Rear spoiler can only be as wide as the body at the rear quarter panels.
4-2 Rear spoiler 5" max from deck.
4-3 The end caps must be a triangle shape and be in proportion to todays Late Models.
You may have one fin on the spoiler and two side caps.
The third fin must also be the same dimension as side cap.
It can be located anywhere on the spoiler between the two side caps.
The fin must be in line with the side
caps on the front leading edge.

Wheel & Tire Specs

5-1 Rubber tires only.  The Barn Raceway requires street tread tires.
5-2 All wheels must be bead lock buggy based.
5-3 Must be 1/5 scale
5-4 cutting, siping and grooving are legal  
5-5 Traction compounds are legal.


6-1 Stability control is legal.
6-2  Remote Kill Switch or Fail Safe is required.  A grace period will be allowed, but please work toward making your car

safe for our racers and spectators.
7-1 The track has final say on rules enforcement!

Beginning in 2019 - Exhaust rules to be implemented.

Our 1:5 Scale LM rules are based from the DLMRA rules. Please refer to their rules page for complete details.


Mudboss Modifieds

Class will run with the national Salvas Mudboss Rules (found by clicking here), with the following exceptions:

1.  LCG Chassis is permissible

2. Duratrax Bandito Tires only

3. DE - Borrego SC Wheels Part # DER - SCB- UB

4. Hobby King Trackstar 13.5 Motor only.  Part # SKU9192000035

5. ESC must be HW XeRun XR10 Justock

6. Battery must be 2cell 7.4v Lipo with a 5200/50C limit

7. Indoor Pinion Spur combination to be 23/86.  Outdoor pinion/spur combination TBD.

Bodies, Tires, wheels, motors, and esc's for the above list can all be purchased at the track.


*Novice Class* (2-4WD)
1. Class can be ran with 1/18 or 1/10 cars. SC based cars are encouraged. 2. A driver cannot enter into any other class if they are entered into the novice class. 3. Once a driver chooses to compete in another class, they are no longer eligible for the novice class. 4. Novice competitors may be asked to move up from the novice class at the track director’s discretion. 5. The Novice class is the only class at The Barn Raceway permitted to use reverse.
6. Street Tread tires/foam tires may be permissible in the Novice Division.

Winter Indoor Class Rules:

Outlaw Sprints


Any 1:10 scale electric sprint.  Cars can be purpose built kits or conversion kits , DODC rules also apply . 

Battery: 2 cell HARD CASE LIPO 
7.4 volts or 7.6 volts 

Motor /ESC : DODC Modified motor rules apply -2 pole motors only, any ESC is Allowed in any mode.

WINGS : 7x7 or 6x6 for top wing 

Front wing no bigger then 4.5x3 

Rubber street tread only.  Proline, DE, Duratrax, for example.  Buggy style tires.  Additional tires may be added to the list based on availability.


Stock 17.5 Late Model Class* (2WD)
Class will run under DODC Stock guidelines. See sprint rules above for guidelines


 *1/10 Street Stock/Bombers* (2WD)
1. All cars must use a 2wd 1/10 scale buggy chassis.
Mid Engine chassis are permissible

2. MInimum weight ready to run must be 54oz. (3lb. 6oz.)

3. Brushed motors down to 19 turn or Brushless 17.5 motors are permissible

4. Open Brushed esc rule. Brushless esc's to be in non-timing (blinky) mode Batteries must be Roar Legal with hard case and hobby grade connectors.

5. Open gear rule

6. Open 1/10 scale tire rule

7. Tires must fit under 9" wide body (1/2" max extended from body each side). No open wheel.

8. Bodies rendered as actual production cars (no late models, wedge bodies, etc.)

9. Rear Spoilers permissible

10. Open shock/shock tower rule


*1/10 Sportsman (LM and Sprint) (2WD)
The Sportsman class will run with a spec motor/esc/tire rule. You must run the 21.5 motor/stock race spec esc that is offered through the track. 1. Cars to be 2wd late model/sprint chassis with same specs as DODC LM/sprint class

2. 21.5 motor/esc rule (as above)

3. Tires to be BSR spec tires (available at the track)

4. Cars must be transmission based cars. No direct drive type. No aluminum upgrades. Cars must use steel outdrives, dogbones, etc.

5. Cars must adhere to DODC specs

6. Battery rule limit 5200mah/50c

*Any Tampering with motor/esc will result in loss of points for the SEASON and forfeiture of your entry into the class for the remainder of the season.


As mentioned above, it takes 4 cars to make a class. If you have a class that you have an interest in racing, please contact us.
Track: The Barn Raceway has final say regarding rules. The Barn Raceway reserves the right to remove a racer from the program's lineup for actions that may be deemed illegal, inappropriate, or otherwise not in the good nature of our hobby. Remember - this hobby is meant for enjoyment and fun. If you are affecting other racers ability to enjoy themselves, you will be removed from our race program's lineup and disqualified from the event. These rules are meant as a structure/guideline. Please ask track management for any rule not specifically stated above.